Natural health for humans, animals and soil

“Providing our customers with scientifically proven health products that are of the highest quality and made in Germany is at the heart of everything we do.”


Specialists for humic acids and natural substances – together in one group of companies

The PWA Dr. Haufe GmbH brings together three independent, medium-sized companies that are active throughout Europe in the field of natural health for humans, animals and soil. In addition to manufacturing and distributing pharmaceutical products for human and veterinary medicine, the product portfolio includes animal feed and agribusiness products. Together, the rapidly growing group of companies has more than 100 years of experience.

Specialist for humic acids

As a specialist for humic acids, WH Pharmawerk Weinböhla GmbH focuses on the development, production and distribution of humic acid-based human medicine and veterinary products.

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Professional pharmaceutical production

Agraria Pharma GmbH is a highly skilled manufacturer of pharmaceutical products for human and veterinary use. The company also operates its own laboratory.

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Naturally healthy farming

GITES GmbH develops and distributes humic acid and other natural agribusiness products for livestock and plants.

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  1. Foundation of Agraria Pharma GmbH
  2. Foundation of Gebeka – the company that would go on to become WH Pharmawerk Weinböhla GmbH
  3. Approval of the first humic acid-based veterinary drug
  4. Management buy-out of Pharmawerk Weinböhla GmbH by Hartmut Knauf
  5. Acquisition of Pharmawerk Weinböhla GmbH by Dr. Svent Haufe
  6. Foundation of GITES GmbH
  7. Acquisition of Agraria Pharma GmbH by Dr. Svent Haufe
  8. Foundation of PWA Dr. Haufe GmbH
  9. Structuring and formation of today's "PWA Dr. Haufe GmbH" PWA Group and acquisition of a site in Coswig for the establishment of the company’s headquarters


Natural substances

Our decades of experience with humic materials have made us specialists in the production of natural substances.

Development & science

We are constantly advancing and improving our products with the help of our specialists in our own laboratory, and with strategic partners from the life sciences industry and scientific research institutions.

Made in Germany

To ensure the high quality of our products, we manufacture at three locations in Germany.

Acting responsibly

Resource conservation and a sustainable approach to the raw materials we use and to all of our employees are distinguishing features across the entire group of companies.

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“We enable the effective use of existing resources and solve work tasks in a more versatile manner within our corporate network. To ensure we can do this, we operate a first-class development and analysis centre and employ a highly skilled workforce, and we also have well established quality assurance systems at our disposal.”

Dr. Svent Haufe
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“PWA Group embodies a combination of proven skills, innovative ideas, experienced staff members and young dynamic employees with a great future ahead of them.”

Jan-Bernd Reeken

The shareholders

We are proud to be able to support the health of human, animal and soil with natural products that are “Made in Germany”. As shareholders of the PWA Group, we are fully committed to maintaining the highest quality standards at our production sites. We continue to invest in our German sites and expand our manufacturing and laboratory units. In this way, we are able to stay close to our production facilities and our products and can thus ensure that all of their quality requirements are met.

The management team

Dr. Svent Haufe
Jan-Bernd Reeken

Dr. Svent Haufe and Jan-Bernd Reeken have been acting as joint General Managers of PWA Dr. Haufe GmbH since 2021. Their management activities have been allocated in accordance with their areas of specialisation. While Dr. Haufe focuses on production, quality control and quality assurance, Mr Reeken concentrates on the service centre, sales and commercial aspects.


The member companies of the PWA Group hold various certificates and comply with a range of standards. A detailed description of the certificates can be found on the respective company websites.


A-Futter is a safety system that guarantees flawless quality for the feed industry.

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The GMP certification system provides a system of safeguards for all products and stages of the manufacturing process in the feed chain.

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The pastus+ quality assurance system makes use of feed quality criteria that go beyond legal requirements.

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TÜV Rheinland

Compliance with all national, regional and international regulatory requirements for medicinal product manufacturers – plus an audited quality management system.

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The companies of the PWA Group operate as independent companies under the PWA Group umbrella.

Coordination does occur across locations, however, and the exchange of knowledge and expertise between all colleagues is greatly valued throughout the Group.

We appreciate our employees and offer them attractive benefits within the Group:
Flexible mobile working and work from home
Company pension
Bicycles and e-bike leasing (Jobrad)
Kindergarten allowance
Meal allowance
Additional remuneration for length of service
(Subsidy for) health promotion measures
Further education and training